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Line of credit

From $1,000 to $15,000


  • Simple online application
  • Withdraw any amount from $100
  • Transferred same-day to bank account
  • Credit becomes available as you repay

Personal loan

From $2,100 to $50,000

Low rate from 7.95% p.a.
(9.33% p.a. comparison rate*)

  • Simple online application
  • Same-day money transfers
  • Low personalised rates
  • No early repayment fees

*This comparison rate is based on our personal loan for an amount of $30,000 over 5 years, a $495 establishment fee and a $10 monthly fee. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

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Quick application

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with no paperwork required.


Same day transfer

Once approved, we send cash
straight to your bank account.

What are online loans?

Online loans are unsecured personal loans that can be obtained in a completely paperless environment. They are usually of smaller amounts and can be processed relatively quickly with no collateral or guarantee required from the borrower. They tend to be repaid in short periods of time.

Online Loans

Applying for loans online just got easier. With MyOzMoney, applying for online loans up to $50,000 is faster and more secure than ever.

The application form is super simple and fast. We also use bank statements service, Proviso, the latest in credit assessment and financial verification technology that can safely and securely access the bank statements you need to apply with us, on your behalf. If you’re approved, money can be in your account within hours

Fast approvals

Our loans are unsecured, which means you don’t have to provide any kind of collateral, assets, or equity to qualify. As long as your income can comfortably support your requested loan amount plus repayments , you’re likely to be approved quickly and cash can be transferred to your account almost on the spot.

The entire credit assessment process also occurs online, and doesn’t involve any tedious paperwork to fill out, or long interviews with credit officers – it couldn’t be faster or easier.

Responsible lending

MyOzMoney prides itself on being a responsible lender. Our online loans help everyday Australians when they face cash shortfalls or emergencies and need money fast. For example, our loans can be used to pay bills to avoid the disconnection of a vital service, towing your vehicle after an accident, for a boat or even as a small business loan.

We understand that ordinarily, your finances may be in good shape. But sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to borrow money. That’s when you can count on MyOzMoney’s fast and secure online loans.

Flexible and fair to suit you

Your loan is flexible and customised to your needs. Loan repayments can be set up automatically via direct debit to match your income deposits. This means there’s less chance of forgetting to make a payment at any given time.

The best news is that we cap the total interest you will ever have to pay on a loan to 50% of the principal. So, unlike other loans where the interest can continually add up, with MyOzMoney loans the fixed interest you pay will never exceed the cap.

And what’s even better is that there are no early payment fees. So, if you can want to pay your loan off early, there are no exit fees. In fact, we prefer it so you can save even more money!

If you foresee any issues making a payment on time, let us know in advance so we can discuss any adjustments.

Ready to start?

Line of credit

From $1,000 to $15,000

Money anytime, anywhere

Personal loan

From $2,100 to $50,000

Low rates, same-day transfers

Loans Online up to $50,000 Approved Fast | MyOzMoney

Cash delivered fast and online

Experience quick and simple access to loans online up to $50,000. Here at MyOzMoney, we are tech-driven individuals who want all things straightforward. We live up to the modern-day standards of providing on-the-go credit, and we do it really fast. Apply online, get an outcome in minutes and depending on who you bank with, your small cash loans hit your bank account in as little as 60 seconds. Online loans, made easy.

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Cash delivered fast and online

Experience quick and simple access to loans online up to $50,000. Here at MyOzMoney, we are tech-driven individuals who want all things straightforward. We live up to the modern-day standards of providing on-the-go credit, and we do it really fast. Apply online, get an outcome in minutes and depending on who you bank with, your small cash loans hit your bank account in as little as 60 seconds. Online loans, made easy.

Forget about paperwork. Forget about long queues and days of waiting. We do things our way – the smart, fast and easy way. Using our proprietary advanced data technology, we are able to conduct a real-time assessment of thousands of social and financial data points to give you an accurate loan outcome within seconds.

Fast credit for major purchases

The good thing about loans online like an unsecured personal loan is that you can use it to pay for various things, including big purchases like a brand-new car. Getting a car loan might be the obvious financing choice for this type of major cash-out, but it’s also worth to consider other credit solutions, such as personal loans online, cash advance or short term loans in fixed interest rates.

Or maybe you are looking to buy luxury furnishings for your home makeover, and you’re going to need extra cash for that. With MyOzMoney, you can borrow money online so you don’t have to break the bank or wait for your next paycheck. Pay for your car now and buy that furniture now using loans online.

Cash for everyday things

MyOzMoney gives access to quick funds for your holiday trips and every day on-the-go needs like groceries, emergency car repairs and small home renovation projects. Fast loans are also great financing options for managing bills and provides a source of funds if you’re faced with unexpected expenses for hospital bills that your health insurance does not cover at the moment. Apply now and get your loans online in a matter of seconds so you can pay your fees upfront.

And it’s not just about the bare essentials. We get that you need to spoil yourself with the things you love, too! Our line of credit and money loans are here to provide the extra money you need for your daily fixes, such as your online subscriptions to binge-watch your favourite TV shows and home gym equipment to keep you in shape. We’ve made everything fast, simple and hassle-free so you can focus on the good bits of life.

Education loans online

Are you on your way to college or thinking of switching your university course? You can simply apply online to get approved for a small loan or a student loan to help you pay for your school fees straight away. There are a variety of ways you can use your loans online aside from your course fees. Use it to purchase essential tools, such as textbooks, laptop or enrol for online courses. You can even use it to pay for your student accommodation upfront if you live miles away from your university. The application process is fast and straightforward, enabling you full access to flexible credit for your education in no time.

Can you get a loan online?

We’ve seen the continuously growing demands for quick services and convenient solutions of today’s market, that is why we’ve built a cash loan process that is entirely digital. By using your desktop, mobile or tablet, you can access our website for cash loans anytime, anywhere in Australia.

You must be currently employed, a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia and at least 18 years old to be eligible to apply. We are completely paperless, and you can finish your online application in less than 5 minutes.

As a responsible lender with an Australian Credit License that offers loans online, we want everything fair. Apart from your personal and employment details, we take into account other factors such as your credit history, income, debt obligations and living expenses. We also ask for a copy of your online bank statements to easily speed up your application for online loans. We are only permitted with read-only documents of your banking activity for the last 90 days, and there’s no way we can access your bank information and login details. Your information is verified through our trusted digital partner that uses secure bank-level encryption, so you can be assured that your data is safe.

These snapshots, along with some of your personal and employment details and credit history, are all we need to come up with a fair and transparent decision for your application for online loans.

The Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) has positively influenced the way money lenders see your credit history. Unlike the conventional credit report that only reveals your past deferrals, incurred debts and credit enquiries, the new credit report shows your credit history as a whole – citing both the negative and the positive. Now, lenders not only see your bad credit behaviours, but also your efforts and initiatives to pay off existing debts for the last 24 months. This allows your prospective lenders to conduct a quick and accurate risk-based assessment, and gives you an opportunity to improve your credit score by continuously repaying your online loans on time.

Use a personal loan calculator

When you’re looking to apply for loans online, it’s important to know your ideal rate before you head out and look for prospective lenders right away. You have to borrow smart, so you can be in full control of your cash flow. An online loan calculator is a very useful tool that allows you to get a preview of how much your fees and charges would look like, including your interest rates and establishment fees. It’s free and very convenient to use! Just enter your desired loan amount and your preferred repayment duration, and you’ll get a calculation on the spot.

The numbers you see are still subject for further assessment, but gives you a close preview of your expected monthly repayments. This way you can adjust your spending, so you can give way to incoming expenses.

Here at MyOzMoney, we provide loans online that are tailored to your personal circumstances. We won’t charge you extra if you repay in advance, and we align your fortnightly or monthly repayments with your pay cycle so you don’t have to worry about early termination and late fees.

Apply now

Whether it’s for home improvement, major purchases or important life milestones, you can always apply for fast credit solutions that is fair and specifically tailored to you. Using your desktop and mobile phone, you get to experience a smart lending process that is entirely online at the comforts of your home, or wherever and whenever you are. Even your loan contract is signed off digitally. Apply now, follow the simple instructions and get your funds in a matter of minutes.

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