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No hassle,
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Applying for a loan has
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Applying online takes less
than 5 minutes. That’s fast.


Easy to complete

It’s so quick and simple,
with no paperwork required.


Same day transfer

Once approved, we send cash
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Completely hassle free

Applying for a loan with us is hassle free, and there are no accidental obligations. We provide pre-approval before you accept the loan conditions, meaning you know exactly what you're getting into before you accept.

It's also completely up to you if you want to change your mind - the choice is in your hands!

Even though we're completely online, we're also real people. If you need help at any time, you can contact us by telephone, email or you can message us.

Fair & transparent

With MyOzMoney there are no surprises: we're completely upfront and transparent about our fees and charges.

We also spread your repayments evenly across the length of your loan term. This keeps them as low and predictable as possible, making your loan more affordable.

Oh, and if you want to pay your loan off quicker, we also don't charge any early exit fees. In fact, we actually prefer if you do!

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