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For illustrative purposes only. The example shown above is based on an average customer. We base our decisions on several criteria and loans can only be granted to borrowers who can afford repayments. For more information about responsible lending contact us on 1800107010.

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What is the interest rate for small business loans?

The interest rate for small business loans in Australia is the cost to the borrower of taking out a loan. It can vary significantly from lender to lender, as some digital providers can offer cheaper loans because they have much lower overheads. It may also vary depending on the finances and creditworthiness of the borrower.

Control cost with MyOzMoney

As a small business owner, controlling the costs of your operation is critically important. At MyOzMoney, we understand that and it’s why we work every day to provide Australian business owners with competitive, flexible and unsecured business loans. We’ve had the pleasure of providing business loans to hundreds of customers across Australia covering two basic types of business loans:

  1. Small Business and Commercial Loans

We lend up to $15,000 to small businesses who are looking to make needed investments in their company. Whether it is financing a new vehicle, or putting a down payment on a piece of heavy machinery, we got your back when it comes to financing every facet of your operation.

  1. Working Capital Loans

These loans are used by companies to pay the day-to-day costs of their loans. Most commonly, these are used for business with highly-cyclical income streams or when cash flow gets tight. Either way, our suite of working capital loans is here to serve your every need. If this is your first time using a small business or capital loan – fear not, we are here to help at the very step of the process.

Fast and simple applications process

We respect your hard-earned money – it’s why we work to provide competitive interest rates to our commercial clients. We also respect your time – and it’s why we have developed a five-minute application process which allows you to select the loan term that works best for you. Want to pay it off in two years? Five years? How much will you need? Defining the exact terms of your loan is almost entirely up to you. By putting you in control of the process, we can help ensure that your commercial loan is the perfect fit for your growing operation.

In order to get approved, we just need to know some basic information about your company’s income and current expenses. No need for a credit rating and no lengthy pro-forma income statements. Our proprietary credit assessment algorithm ensures that we are making loans to companies that can afford to make payments, which assures our customers that they are borrowing within their means.

Once your loan has been approved, you can expect to see your funds transferred within the same business day. In today’s fast-paced world, nothing else will suffice for our customers.

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