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Business loans for women

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What is a business loan for women?

A business loan for women is money lent to a female entrepreneur requiring finance for her business. Despite a rise in female entrepreneurship, venture capital funding to female entrepreneurs is still lagging. This makes business loans for Australian women who are founding companies and looking to take their next big idea to market more important than ever.

Women are rapidly gaining market share in the startup world

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, women currently account for one-third of all business operators within Australia. This is up 46% over the last twenty years, and is evidence of a booming generation of young women that are launching their own firms and making their mark on the corporate world. While significant progress has been made in terms of “startup-equality”, there is a still a lot of work to be done when it comes to how much venture capital funding these female entrepreneurs (VC) are receiving.

A recent report showed that while the percentage of VC deals going to female-lead companies increased last year, just 2.19% of the total VC investment went to these female-ran companies. This was the third smallest piece of the VC pie received by women in the last decade. The bottom line? There still remains a significant gender gap within the venture capital world. A lack of outside investment may be holding female entrepreneurs back from reaching their full potential.

With limited VC opportunities, the reality is that many female entrepreneurs may need to rely on debt financing more heavily than their male counterparts. The good news is that at MyOzMoney, we are committed to providing female entrepreneurs with the loan types they need to bring their next big idea to market.

Fast cash meets transparent pricing

When it comes to small business loans for women, it is hard to beat the speed and transparency with which our platform can providing commercial financing. When compared to a bricks-and-mortar bank, our online portal can deliver business loans to female entrepreneurs at lightning fast speeds.

How can we process loans and provide cash this fast? We have worked hard to simplify the entire loan process – from how we collect loan information from customers, to the final approval process. Don’t have a credit rating? Not to worry – we simply look at your company’s current income and expenses to find the right loan for you.

To explore our business loans for women, click here and then simply enter the amount of the loan you need for your startup, enter the terms of the loan agreement you would like to work under, and then wait for approval. Once approved, your funds can be available within one business day. The net result? Small business loans which can help female entrepreneurs leave the launch pad and reach their full potential.

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